Professional rainwater tank installation Adelaide

We offer a complete installation service for rainwater tanks throughout Adelaide, Adelaide Hills and the Barossa valley. Even if you have purchased your tank elsewhere we can help with complete connection of gutters, base preparation, pumps, plumbing and rainwater tank connection. Call us today for a quote.

Rainwater Tank installation Adelaide including base preparation

Base preparation

Getting the base preparation correct for your tank is critical. Water weighs 1 tonne per 1000 litres so the installation of a solid base is important.

We have a range of solutions depending on your individual circumstances including compacted rubble and concrete, we even build combination steel and sleeper retaining walls if your area is on a slope. We’ll visit your site and discuss the most suitable and cost effective solution for your rain harvesting system.

Rainwater Tank installation Adelaide including base preparation

Storm water connection & trenching

From a simple overhead gutter connection right through to a complete whole home storm water system we can help.

Design of your storm water system is an important factor in an effective rain harvesting system. Considerations need to be made to ensure your pipe work doesn’t trap leaves and debris or hold stagnant water or become a mozzie breeding ground. When we visit your home we’ll discuss your requirements and recommend the most suitable system. We even do complete storm water systems for new homes saving you the hassle of having to deal with several contractors.

Rainwater Tank installation Adelaide including base preparation

Plumbing connection

Our plumbing installations are carried out by licensed and insured Master Plumbers with many years experience in the connection of rain harvesting systems.

Whether it’s a simple hook up for a new home or a complete complete connection to your whole home and irrigation system we can help. We’ll design your system with back flow and switching to ensure easy transition between mains and rain water while complying with all relevant standards and legal requirements.

Rainwater Tank installation Adelaide including base preparation

Electrical connection

Most rain harvesting systems require power to connect a pump and accessories. Taylor Made Tanks have licensed and insured electricians available to install new weatherproof outdoor power points or convert your existing outdoor power outlet from single to double.

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We were very satisfied with Taylor Made Rainwater Tanks. They were extremely professional and helpful in not only explaining what was required but also the installation of our new rainwater tank, rebate information and plumbing and fitting of down pipes to connect to the tank for the first stage of the rain harvesting system.

Henry the installer went out of his way to ensure that we were completely satisfied with the work carried out. Recommending Taylor Made Rainwater Tanks to our friend has been easy because of the work that was done. The second stage is due to commence shortly and we look forward to continued excellent service.

Gail and Mike Pearson, Novar Gardens
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