Use a vape pen – Tips and tricks to get the most from a marijuana vaporizer


This article will provide you with the basics of how to use your brand-new vaporizer.

Vaping essentials

Step 1. Understand how a vape pen works

While most vape pens share the same parts, some may have slightly different parts.

The battery is the power source of the pen and the longest section.

Heating chamber/atomizer: This is the place where your concentrated marijuana oil, wax, or dry herbs can be heated to produce vapor. Attaches to your battery.

Mouthpiece: This part is what you use to draw the vapor and attaches it to the heating chamber.

The charger: This is separate from the pen and can be used to charge your vape batteries.

Step 2. Plug it in

Most vape pen batteries require several hours of charging before they can be used. Use the manufacturer-supplied charging apparatus to start refueling those lithium-ion cells. It is disappointing to wait for the vape pen batteries’ initial charge to finish.

Step 3. Read the manual

Although I have never done this, it seems like a great idea. Although well-designed products should be intuitive, it is possible to save yourself a lot of trouble later on. You should at the very minimum know whether the vape pen can be used for oil, flour, oil, propylene-glycol mixture, or unmixed oil commonly called shatter or wax.

Step 4. Dry it

Many vape enthusiasts use paraphernalia that doesn’t contain oil or herbs for the first time. This is in the hope of burning any factory dust that could otherwise get into the lungs while vaping. Although it doesn’t guarantee you won’t inhale harmful metals or other compounds this will likely decrease your risk. Turn it up to the highest setting and leave it outside for between 30 and 90 seconds.

Step 5. Charge the tank

These pre-filled cartridges can be attached to the battery. You can apply small amounts of unmixed oil (e.g., wax, shatter) directly to the atomizer or the surrounding wick. The oil mixture is usually loaded into a tank that drips onto or wicks onto the Atomizer. Ground flowers can be placed on the atomizer, or in a metal chamber that has been heated by it.

Step 6. Get up

Vape pens heat up when the user inhales. Others can be turned on by pushing a button. The unit will turn on when it is lit. Place the mouthpiece on your lips, and inhale the vapor of atomized cannabis oil. To push the pot particles into your lungs, draw in some air at the end. You can hold it for a few seconds but it is not advisable to keep it that long.

Step 7. Make sure you check your head

The majority of vape pens make use of cannabis oil. This is a concentrated form. It’s not pot paraphernalia, it’s a pot fixation pacifier. Before you tap your toker again, take a moment to check your gauges and get your bearings. In the space between puffs of your vape pen, there is an entire universe waiting for you to explore. Take a deep breath and enjoy this incredible world.


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