Helmet accessories

Recent years have seen an increase in helmet accessories due to the ease and cost-effectiveness of making them.


Similar to helmets, goggles and/or visors also need to comply with certain standards.



Riders who choose to ride with an open-face helmet usually wear sunglasses in the sunnier months. Sunglasses must also be certified to offer maximum protection.



While you can feel the helmet from the inside of a shop, you won’t be able to experience it in real life. It’s important to remember that ventilation will be crucial during the warmer months.

Modern helmets include an air control system. If you are involved in an incident, the system will automatically cut off. Depending on the airflow desired, helmets have either 10 or 20mm vent holes. All helmets should however be equipped with switchable covers.


Now, which color helmet do you want?

There’s been much debate about the color of a motorbike helmet and the correlation between accidents. Although it is suggested that always wear hives and bright colors to be seen from the road, you can’t go wrong wearing a stylish dark black!

We have decided to look into this topic and see how we can resolve it.


Can the color of your helmet influence your visibility?

Keep Britain Biking’s recent poll found that 64% believe that the color of a motorcycle helmet could affect your visibility.

38% choose a black motorcycle helmet. White is next at 23%, and then multiple colors at 13%. Although fashion trends and styles change constantly, there is no right or bad when it comes down to buying a motorcycle skull. You just need to pay attention to the SHARP rating.


Best places for buying a motorcycle helmet

There are many places to buy motorcycle helmets. Although online shopping is a popular option, you may save some time and money by ordering online. It’s still worth stopping in at your favorite store beforehand to verify the helmet’s fit.


Looking after the helmet of your motorcycle

  • We’ve got some great tips for keeping your helmet looking its best, whether you wear it daily or just occasionally.
  • To get rid of any bug splats left from your ride, you can use wet pads or something similar.
  • Buy a helmet spray refreshing’, which can mask any lingering smells.
  • Use a moist microfiber towel or soft cloth with mild detergent. You can gently wipe the shell with this product. It should remove any dirt, and leave a shiny look.
  • If the helmet’s lining can be removed, you will have the added benefit of taking it out and putting it through a delicate cycle. Check the labeling/packaging to ensure the best results.
  • You should always keep your gloves inside your helmet, even if you’re not using them. Don’t forget to check your helmet for any petrol residue.
  • It’s vital to store your helmet in a cool area and keep it clean.

Overheating, cleaning fluids, or fuel could cause damage to materials used in the construction of the helmet.

  • A toothbrush made of soft-bristle can reach hard-to-reach places and clean them easily.
  • Buy Xlite Carbon Helmets if you are a bike racer because it is a full-face helmet with lightweight and more protection.


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